Keda Polishing Line

We have high-efficiency combination polishing heads from KEDA.

They are:

- Long swing abrasive.

-Line contact of abrasive and tile give assurance of good cooling and grinding outcomes.

-Double-reducer drive for crossbeam swing, steady & consistent.

SACMI Press: 5211 Ton

SEZ Vitrified Has SACMI Set of Up-to-the-minute Technology Presses that have fabricated 600X600mm, 800x800mm, 1200mmX900mm and 1000mmx1000mm. Since it is fast and precise, it allows loading of large sizes to be managed with the similar quality and repeatability as small sizes.


As part of its plans to boost production in its core business lines, the Morbi-based company SEZ Vitrified Tiles Pvt Ltd has moved for the quality and low consumption assured by Sacmi kilns.

SACMI Spray Dryer

The SACMI spray-drier is an extremely multipurpose, proficient machine which is perfect for tiles and tableware or those exceptional & highly refined mixes utilized in ceramic tiles.

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